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Engine and Transmission Repair in Germantown, Maryland

Count on the staff at the Germantown Service Center to provide you with efficient auto repair services. We handle transmission and engine repair services, as well as provide exhaust and brake services.

Germantown Service Center
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•European, Asian & Domestic Cars
•Transmission & Tune-Up
•AC & Heating Service
•Brakes & Suspension Service
•Electrical & Exhaust System
•Marland State Inspection

Man - Transmission Repair in Germantown, MD

Engine Repair
Our staff handles major and minor engine repair services. We replace spark plugs, change the oil, and work with the cabin and air filters. Furthermore, we work on noise and internal issues.

Transmission Repair
We rebuild and maintain your current transmission. Our staff replaces fluid and does other repairs at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles.

Exhaust Services
Our staff tackles any exhaust job, including muffler, cat back, exhaust manifold, and catalytic converter issues. We can replace the sensor pipe and manifold gasket, as well as handle state safety inspections.

Additional Services:
Brake Services—Replace Brake Pads, Rotors, and Drums, as well As Brake Boosters and Calipers
Heating and AC Repairs—Bleeding Out the Air and Replacing Freon

Contact us in Germantown, Maryland, at (855) 285-9787 for more information about our engine and transmission repair services.